6.3. Imagination on a cosmic scale: existence in space

A further insight into the quadralectic approach of nature is given in the position of the planet Earth itself, as a distinct entity in the universe. Earth and universe are part of a communication in which Man is only a minor spectator as far as duration is concerned. The cosmic partners, on the other hand, know each other for a long time. Their communication is going on for millions of years. It is interesting to study the interaction of our home ground (the earth) with the world outside from the quadralectic point of view.


Looking into Deep Space. Photo: Ruimtevaart museum (Space Expo) ESA/ESTEC, Noordwijk (The Netherlands).

The first act of reconnaissance (by a human observer) is the interpretation of the sizes. Every quadralectic communication is ‘ruled’ by the partner with the smallest size. It is generally accepted that the planet Earth is the Small Part (Minor) in this relation and the boundless Universe the Large Part (or Major). The creation of the Earth stipulates that the Universe was already there and provided the actual space for the event to happen.

This statement seems logical enough, but it has to be remembered that such a proposition can always be attacked on philosophical grounds (or maybe even on physical grounds). This line of inquiry, however, will not be followed here. It is fully accepted that the duration, or life span, of the Earth is the controlling factor in the communication between Earth (SP) and Universe (LP).

Man or the human being can communicate with themselves, other people, mankind, the earth and the universe. In addition, all these elements can communicate with each other, because in the initial realm of division thinking is no place for hierarchy. However, the interactions between the before-mentioned entities do not take place in a vacuum. They are based – as we now know – on choices. If, for instance, the fundamental interaction between earth and universe will be meaningful for a human observer, then the latter must make (division) choices to make it comprehensive.

A communication between ‘the earth’ and ‘the universe’ means, in a quadralectic context, that the two communication partners are placed in a division environment. Preferably, in a high division setting, because that is where understanding comes to the maximum gratification. The imagination of a cosmic scale is a process of careful consideration of options in the full knowledge that every step is a conscious execution of a choice. The exploration of our existence in space has to proceed along well-defined lines.

First, the cosmic history of the earth will be looked at from the perspective of the Large Visible Animals (LVA) – of which the species Homo sapiens is a minor, but important element – and the very beginning of the earth (as scientifically established in isotopic dating). The choice of these two points of recognition (POR) provides a position of the observer (O) and the observational present (OP) on the communication graph V. The latter is the universal CF-graph applied to these two entities. This explicit anthropo-centric position can be used – in the full knowledge of its subjectivity – as a departure point for a new location in space. The quadralectic view point opens up a different conformation of our being in the world, held in the palm of our hand.

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